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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Dark Horse Teams Set to Surprise in Group Stages!

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As the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand approaches, football fans are eagerly awaiting the clash of the world’s finest athletes competing for glory and pride. Alongside the tournament favorites, several dark horse teams have emerged, ready to make a mark in the group stage and potentially secure a spot in the knockout rounds. Let’s explore each group and highlight the teams that could spring surprises in this historic competition.

Group A – Switzerland: A Rising Contender

Switzerland, making their second World Cup appearance, enters Group A with aspirations to upset the odds. Despite being drawn alongside co-host New Zealand and debutant Philippines, Switzerland’s tactical adjustments under Manager Inka Grings could give them an edge. Their decisive match against New Zealand on July 31 could be a make-or-break moment in their quest for the knockout rounds.

Group B – Nigeria: Hunger for Greatness

Nigeria, with their ninth World Cup appearance, faces fierce competition in Group B against co-host Australia, Olympic Gold Medalists Canada, and debutant Ireland. Despite off-field issues, Nigeria’s attacking prowess led by Asisat Oshoala and a talented U.S.-based attacking line-up could surprise opponents and propel them into the knockout stages.

Group C – Zambia: Unpredictable and Unsettling

Zambia, one of the eight debutants in the tournament, possesses the potential to create upsets in Group C alongside Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica. Barbra Banda’s goal-scoring prowess and their historic victory against Germany demonstrate their ability to unsettle opponents. Though defensively vulnerable, Zambia’s attacking flair makes them unpredictable contenders in the group stage.

Group D – Haiti: A Journey of Inspiration

Despite being longshots in Group D with England, Denmark, and China, Haiti’s remarkable journey to their first World Cup appearance is a source of inspiration. Led by 19-year-old Melchie Dumornay and a squad with impressive camaraderie, Haiti’s attacking capabilities could surprise opponents and defy the odds.

Group E – Portugal: Debutants with Determination

Portugal’s debut in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 brings a mix of experience and rising talent. Ranked No. 21 globally, they aim to leave a mark in a group that includes debutants Vietnam and the Netherlands, as well as the formidable U.S.A. Jessica Silva and Kika Nazareth lead Portugal’s attack, making them a team to watch out for.

Group F – Jamaica: Reggae Girlz Eyeing History

As the first Caribbean team to qualify for consecutive World Cups, Jamaica’s ambitions are higher than ever. Despite challenges with federation issues, Bunny Shaw’s striking prowess and Drew Spence’s playmaking abilities make them formidable opponents. Jamaica’s determination to advance from the group stage adds to the excitement.

Group G – Argentina: Seeking a Knockout Spot

Argentina seeks their first-ever knockout round appearance and has a genuine shot at it. With a competitive schedule featuring Italy, South Africa, and group favorites Sweden, Argentina’s blend of experience and talent, including Yamila Rodriguez’s goal-scoring prowess, could lead to positive results and potential progression.

Group H – Colombia: A Resilient Contender

After missing the 2019 World Cup, Colombia returns with determination to make an impact. In a potentially unpredictable group with Germany, Morocco, and South Korea, Colombia’s 18-year-old talent, Linda Caicedo, could be their X-factor. The Real Madrid winger’s technicality and flair could unsettle defenders and give Colombia a fighting chance to progress.


The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 promises to be a celebration of women’s football, filled with surprises and underdog triumphs. As dark horse teams aim to upset the established order, the tournament will undoubtedly offer thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments. Football fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating this groundbreaking event, where history will be made, and new stars will shine.

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