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Former NFL Star Michael Oher Claims Deceptive Adoption and Lost Profits from ‘The Blind Side’ Movie Deal

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By Doha Madani and Diana Dasrath | August 15, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Michael Oher, the inspirational figure behind the heartwarming movie “The Blind Side,” has come forward with allegations that the family who took him in during his teenage years deceived him about the nature of their relationship and kept him in the dark about a lucrative movie deal. The ex-NFL star has lodged a legal petition claiming that the Tuohy family, portrayed as his saviors, misled him into thinking he was being adopted, when in reality, he was placed under a conservatorship.

Oher’s legal action, filed in Shelby County Court, Tennessee, asserts that Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy exploited him for their personal gain by pretending to adopt him while actually securing control over his financial matters through a conservatorship arrangement. This alleged betrayal has sparked a legal battle, as Oher seeks to terminate the conservatorship and regain control over his life and financial decisions.

“The lie of Michael’s adoption is one upon which Co-Conservators Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy have enriched themselves at the expense of their Ward, the undersigned Michael Oher,” the court filing states.

The remarkable story of Oher’s life journey and his bond with the Tuohy family captured the world’s attention through the acclaimed film “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock. The movie traced Oher’s life from homelessness to football stardom, with the Tuohy family at the center of his transformative journey.

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Deceptive Adoption and Lost Profits: The Unveiling of Michael Oher’s Legal Battle

However, behind the scenes, a different narrative was unfolding. The Tuohys had brokered a deal with 20th Century Fox that brought them significant financial gain while leaving Oher without any payment for the use of his name, likeness, and life story. The contract reportedly awarded the Tuohy family $225,000 upfront, plus a 2.5% share of the film’s net proceeds. The movie, which amassed over $300 million at the box office, was also accompanied by a $200,000 donation to Leigh Anne Tuohy’s charitable foundation.

Remarkably, Oher, the person whose life story was the bedrock of the film’s success, received no monetary compensation from the movie deal. This was due to the fact that the film was released after his college career was completed, and therefore wouldn’t have jeopardized his NCAA eligibility.

One of the most startling claims made in the legal petition is that Oher does not even recall signing the agreement that gave away the rights to his life story. Although a signature resembling his appears on the document, he insists that he was never provided with an explanation or understanding of what he was signing.

According to Oher’s petition, the Tuohys’ actions constitute a severe breach of their responsibilities as his conservators, and he’s seeking legal remedies from the court.

Oher’s journey from a vulnerable child to a professional athlete is a tale that has inspired many. Yet, the latest revelations suggest that behind this heartwarming façade, a complex and contentious legal drama is unfolding. The outcome of this legal battle will not only impact Oher’s life but could also reshape the narrative surrounding the heartwarming story that captured the world’s imagination.

As the legal proceedings continue, questions about trust, loyalty, and financial exploitation hang in the balance. The Tuohys’ attorney has declined to comment on the allegations, while Oher’s pursuit of justice sheds light on the complexities that can arise when personal stories intersect with financial interests.

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