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Taking Care of Youth’s Health: Common Issues on International Youth Day 2023

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Every year on August 12th, we celebrate International Youth Day around the world. This special day was created by the United Nations to help young people with problems they might not always talk about. In this article, we’ll talk about these issues and why they’re important.

Why International Youth Day Matters

The United Nations started celebrating International Youth Day in 1999. They wanted to pay attention to the challenges that young people face. These challenges can sometimes be hard to talk about. This day helps us remember to think about young people’s problems and find ways to solve them.

Taking Care of Youth's Health: Common Issues on International Youth Day 2023
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Health Issues Young People Face

Young people might look healthy, but they can have health problems that aren’t always obvious. Let’s learn about these issues:

1. Heart Problems

Even if young people seem fit, nearly half of those over 20 years old have high blood pressure. If this isn’t taken care of, it could lead to heart problems when they’re older.

2. Diabetes and Unhealthy Lifestyle

Stress and bad habits can lead to changes in sugar levels, causing diabetes. Not moving around enough and eating unhealthy food can also lead to problems with fats in the body. This can make them more likely to have lung and kidney issues.

3. Not Enough Healthy Food

Eating irregularly and not having enough healthy food can make young people low on important things like iron and vitamin B12. This can lead to anemia, which makes them tired and might even cause bone pain and weight loss.

4. Mental Health Concerns

Mental health is a big issue, especially for young people. Things like not being able to sleep well and feeling really angry are important to talk about and find solutions for.

5. Knowing About Sexual Health

If young people don’t learn about sexual health, they might have problems like getting pregnant when they don’t want to or getting infections. It’s important to teach them about these things so they can make good choices.

6. Too Much Technology

Using phones and computers too much can make it hard for young people to sleep and can hurt their eyes. Also, spending too much time with technology can make them forget how to talk to others in person.

Why We Should Care

International Youth Day reminds us to care about young people’s health. By learning about these issues and talking about them, we can help them stay healthy and happy. We should teach them how to take care of their bodies and minds and make good choices about their health. Let’s use this day to make things better for young people everywhere.

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