You are currently viewing Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts: Good Or Bad?
Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts: Good Or Bad?

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts: Good Or Bad?

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts – You must have heard the name of Lipton, yes, the same Lipton which is famous in every household for its tea. This same Lipton made a beverage for some of his fans which people liked very much. This drink is made by mixing alcohol with the flavor of tea. Drinking which gives a fresh and unique taste.

This Lipton drink was named Lipton Hard Tea. There are many such beverages available in the market today but finding a great one can be challenging. But now you have Lipton Hard Tea. Let us now know Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts are present in this Lipton beverage and in what quantity.

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts

NutrientAmount per Serving
Calories140-160 calories
Alcohol ContentApproximately 5% ABV
Carbohydrates20-25 grams
Sugars15-20 grams
Dietary Fiber0 grams
Vitamins & MineralsMinimal
Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts

In Detail Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts-

Serving Size Matters

There is a baseline for knowing nutrition facts and other things that we can consider as a serving. Usually, like other beverages, a serving is taken to be equal to 355 ml.

Caloric Content

To know the nutritional facts of any drink, first of all, we talk about the calories present in them, which average between 140 to 160 calories in a serving of Lipton Hard Tea. Having so many calories in any drink can be considered a medium range. The calories in Lipton Hard Tea come mainly from two sources, alcohol and sugar.

Alcohol Content

Although Lipton Hard Tea is considered an alcoholic beverage, it is only 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is comparable to a beer or light wine. This alcohol content adds to their calorific value and increases their caloric content.

Sugar Content

The amount of sugar in Lipton Hard Tea ranges from 15 to 20 grams per serving. The sugar present in it increases its calorie content. Excess of sugar can cause problems like obesity and diabetes.

Carbohydrates and Dietary Fiber

Apart from calories and sugar, carbohydrates can also be considered an important nutritional factor in Lipton Hard Tea, which ranges from 20 to 25 grams per serving.

Protein and Fat

The amount of protein and fat in Lipton Hard Tea is negligible, you should take protein and fat from other foods for your health needs.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also found in this drink at very low levels, the presence or absence of which does not matter.


Lipton Hard Tea can be a great option for low-alcohol beverages. Whose taste has the ability to refresh you.

Note – Alcoholic drinks are injurious to health, please be careful.

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Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts: Good Or Bad?
Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts: Good Or Bad?


How much sugar is in the Lipton hard tea?

Lipton Hard Tea typically contains around 15 to 20 grams of sugar per serving.

What kind of alcohol is in Lipton hard tea?

The alcohol in Lipton Hard Tea is typically ethyl alcohol, which is also known as ethanol.

Can I drink Lipton without sugar?

Yes, you can drink Lipton tea without sugar by choosing unsweetened or sugar-free varieties or by not adding sugar to your brewed tea.

How many calories are in Lipton hard?

Lipton Hard Tea typically contains around 140-160 calories per serving.

Is it okay to drink Lipton everyday?

Yes, it is generally okay to drink Lipton tea in moderation as part of your daily beverage choices.

What is hard tea?

Hard tea is a type of alcoholic beverage that combines tea flavors or extracts with alcohol, typically creating a refreshing and flavorful drink.

Why is it called liquor tea?

Liquor tea, often referred to as “hard tea,” is called so because it combines tea flavors or extracts with alcoholic liquor, creating an alcoholic beverage with the taste and essence of tea.

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