You are currently viewing Josh Harris’ Hilarious Handshake Fail on Monday Night Football !
Josh Harris' Hilarious Handshake Fail on Monday Night Football !

Josh Harris’ Hilarious Handshake Fail on Monday Night Football !

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Josh Harris’ : The NFL preseason can be entertaining too!

Monday Night Football, the stage for electrifying football action, occasionally serves up moments of sheer hilarity that keep viewers glued to their screens. In a recent matchup between the Washington Commanders and the Baltimore Ravens, the audience was treated to a sidesplittingly awkward exchange involving none other than the new Commanders owner, Josh Harris, and seasoned MNF analyst, Joe Buck.

Josh Harris: The Great Owner, The Not-So-Great TV Guest

Josh Harris made headlines earlier this year with his monumental $6.05 billion acquisition of the Washington Commanders, freeing fans from the tumultuous era of Daniel Snyder’s ownership. While his ownership skills are undoubtedly top-notch, his recent appearance on national television showed he might need a bit more practice in the art of on-screen interaction.

A Cringe-Worthy Handshake Attempt

During his guest appearance alongside MNF mainstays Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Harris, perhaps eager to make a lasting impression, found himself in an unintentionally hilarious situation. As Buck passionately discussed Harris’s impressive history as an owner in various sports, including the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers, Harris made an unexpected move. Awkwardly, he reached out to shake Joe Buck’s hand. The only problem? Buck was in the midst of an enthusiastic hand gesture, not signaling a handshake.

Troy Aikman, trying valiantly to maintain his composure, nearly burst into laughter at the unexpected, and quite comical, display of miscommunication.

Josh Harris' Hilarious Handshake Fail on Monday Night Football !
Josh Harris’ Hilarious Handshake Fail on Monday Night Football !

Before this cringe-worthy moment, Harris took the opportunity to express his confidence in the Commanders’ ambitions to win, not just in preseason but when the regular season kicks off. With his leadership, Washington aims to make an immediate impact.

Challenging the Ravens’ Streak

In an upcoming clash with the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, Harris’s Commanders have an opportunity to halt the Ravens’ astonishing preseason winning streak. Currently standing at an impressive 24 consecutive victories, the Ravens have been a dominant force even in the preseason.

Now, can Josh Harris and his Commanders team pull off a win and put an end to this remarkable streak? Football fans everywhere are eagerly waiting to find out.

Final Score Update

As of the latest update, Washington leads Baltimore 17-14 at halftime, but the Ravens have come back strong, reclaiming the lead at 24-17 halfway through the third quarter. The game promises more excitement, both on and off the field, as we witness whether Josh Harris’s Commanders can create a memorable moment by breaking the Ravens’ preseason winning streak.

In the end, while the preseason may be seen as a mere warm-up for the main event, it’s moments like these that remind us that football, even in its less serious form, never fails to entertain.

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