You are currently viewing California’s Epic Showdown with Hurricane Hilary: Are You Prepared for the Chaos?
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California’s Epic Showdown with Hurricane Hilary: Are You Prepared for the Chaos?

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California Gears Up for Unprecedented Hurricane Hilary: Staying Safe Amidst the Storm

California is bracing itself for an unprecedented meteorological event as Hurricane Hilary, a formidable Category 4 storm, sets its sights on the Golden State. Remarkably, this marks the first time ever that a Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for California, a state more accustomed to dealing with droughts and wildfires than tropical cyclones. As Hurricane Hilary readies to unleash its fury, it’s imperative for Californians in its path to heed warnings and take proactive measures to ensure their safety.

The Wrath of Hurricane Hilary

Hurricane Hilary is predicted to be the wettest tropical cyclone in California’s recorded history. Its path is set to bring it into Southern California over the upcoming weekend and early next week. The storm promises to bring a deluge of moderate to heavy showers, thunderstorms, and potentially strong winds to the region. Alarmingly, some areas of Southern California could witness a year’s worth of rainfall in just a few days, underscoring the severity of this weather event. The exact location and intensity of precipitation and winds remain variable as Hurricane Hilary approaches the California coast.

Governor Newsom’s Cautionary Words

Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a stern reminder about the power of nature and the necessity of preparedness. He emphasized the importance of heeding warnings from local authorities, being vigilant, and staying informed. Governor Newsom himself is relocating to Southern California to oversee the state’s response efforts during the storm’s landfall.

California's Epic Showdown with Hurricane Hilary: Are You Prepared for the Chaos?
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Statewide Mobilization for Safety

In line with Governor Newsom’s directives, the State Operations Center at the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is actively engaged. The state is meticulously monitoring the impending impacts, including rain, wind, potential flash floods, and power outages. Collaboration across state agencies is in full swing to deploy resources and support response and recovery endeavors. These efforts include prepositioning swift water rescue teams, California National Guard units, and flood-fighting equipment. Furthermore, the state is actively working with community-based organizations to protect vulnerable unhoused individuals and maintaining round-the-clock highway maintenance crews to ensure roadway safety.

Top 5 Safety Measures

To safeguard yourself and your loved ones during this impending tempest, here are the top five actions to consider:

  1. Stay Connected: Use the emergency hotline (3-1-1) for help or questions, and dial 911 for critical emergencies. Sign up for county alerts at and keep in touch with loved ones and neighbors.
  2. Prepare for High Winds and Ocean Surges: Secure your property by removing hazards like dead trees, loose roofing materials, and unsecured objects on patios and balconies. Shutter windows securely and brace outside doors. During high wind events, take cover, stay away from windows, avoid roadways and elevated areas, and be vigilant for flying debris.
  3. Avoid the Ocean: Heed the National Weather Service’s high surf advisory and steer clear of the ocean. Hurricane Hilary will create hazardous conditions, including strong waves, shore breaks, longshore currents, and rip tides.
  4. Travel Safely: If possible, avoid non-essential travel during the storm’s peak on Sunday and Monday. Stay informed about road conditions using the QuickMap app or website and never attempt to drive, walk, or swim through floodwaters.
  5. Prepare for Power Outages: Take stock of electricity-dependent items, keep your devices charged, and plan for alternative power sources like portable chargers and flashlights. Make provisions for potential water outages.

Listen to Local Authorities

Lastly, and most importantly, always adhere to the guidance of your local authorities. Follow evacuation orders, respect road closures, and act upon official notices promptly.

As California braces for Hurricane Hilary, the safety of its residents remains paramount. By staying informed and taking proactive measures, Californians can weather this historic storm with resilience and preparedness. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and let’s come through this challenging time together.

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