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Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton: ‘The Monster’ Makes History with TKO Win, Claims WBC and WBO Titles!

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Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton

In a boxing masterclass, Naoya Inoue made history by becoming a four-division world champion, overwhelming Stephen Fulton Jr. to snatch the WBC and WBO super bantamweight titles. The pound-for-pound king showcased his prowess in front of his home crowd at Tokyo’s Ariake Arena, leaving fans in awe of his unmatched skills.

Inoue (25-0, 22 KOs), already a three-division champ, took his game to a whole new level, proving he’s in a league of his own. He unleashed a barrage of powerful shots, systematically breaking down Fulton (21-1, 8 KOs) from the opening bell. Even though Fulton put up a fight, he couldn’t keep up with Inoue’s relentless assault.

Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton

According to CompuBox, Inoue landed an impressive 114 punches compared to Fulton’s 47, showcasing his utter dominance. What’s even more mind-blowing is that Inoue’s knockout power carried effortlessly into a fourth weight class, setting a new standard for boxing greatness.

The defining moment came in the eighth round when Inoue unleashed a devastating combination, sending Fulton to the canvas. Despite his heart and determination, Fulton couldn’t recover, and the referee called off the fight, awarding Inoue the TKO victory.

Naoya Inoue vs. Stephen Fulton

After the match, Inoue expressed gratitude to Fulton for accepting the challenge and hinted at a potential showdown with unified 122-pound champion Marlon Tapales, raising excitement among fight fans for an undisputed clash.

Inoue’s journey to conquer new weight divisions has propelled him to boxing superstardom, and the world eagerly awaits his next move. The “Monster” continues to redefine the limits of boxing greatness, and his legacy as one of the sport’s all-time greats is cemented further with each incredible victory.

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