Grad School Debt Woes: Graduate students facing mounting debt as they pursue advanced degrees.

Stagnant Wages: Despite increased borrowing, graduate earnings not rising significantly.

Education Department's Concerns: The Department of Education raises concerns over the disparity between debt and earnings.

Lending Policy Shift: 2007 policy change allows grad students to borrow program costs, boosting enrollment but also debt.

Loan Soars: Between 2000-2016, grad students with debt exceeding $80,000 increased to 11% from 1.4%.

Average Debt Spike: Average grad student debt jumps from $53,000 (2000) to $66,000 (2016).

Federal Loan Disbursements: $39 billion in federal loans given to grad students, making up 47% of all student loan disbursements.

Earnings Gap Persists: Grad degree holders earn more, but wage gap relative to others remains stagnant.

Women Bearing the Brunt: Women experiencing higher grad degree attainment, yet pay disparities persist.

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