Spice up your date night, or any night, with these 13 best cooking classes

1. Cozymeal: Offering live and online classes in 70+ cities with diverse culinary experiences and a handy shop for cookware.

2. Sur La Table: With 50+ stores nationwide, they provide in-store and online classes taught by resident chefs, perfect for all skill levels.

3. Culinary Institute of America: From half-day to comprehensive courses, they cover a wide range of culinary subjects across three campuses.

4. Eataly: Italian culinary classes available in their U.S. stores, featuring pasta-making, wine, cheese, and more.

5. Johnson & Wales University: Amateur chefs can enhance their skills with Chef’s Choice recreational cooking classes.

6. In the Kitchen with Chef Bob Waggoner: Charleston-based classes offering hands-on cooking and delightful dinners.

7. Big Green Egg Culinary Center: Located in Atlanta, they specialize in grilling classes for all levels.

8. New Orleans School of Cooking: Learn the secrets of Creole and Cajun cuisine in the heart of the French Quarter.

9. Jungle Jim’s International Market: Ohio-based market with diverse cooking classes, including Italian themes and date night ideas.

10. Fischer & Wieser Farmstead: Explore Hill Country and international cuisine in the Texas Hill Country.

11. Santa Fe School of Cooking: Discover Southwestern cuisine through hands-on, online, and private classes.

12. Cooking School at Tutka Bay Lodge: Restricted to lodge guests, this Alaskan gem offers classes celebrating wild-foraged and sea-grown ingredients.

13. Hawaiian Style Cooking Classes: Chef Linda Gehring's Honolulu classes include traditional Hawaiian and international dishes.