Wondering who to follow for your crypto-related content needs on Instagram? Check out this list of the top 10 influencers in the space for 2022 !

Matthias Mende is among Dubai’s top crypto influencers, with over 213,000 followers on Instagram and a diverse portfolio in crypto trading and social media marketing

10. Matthias Mende 

CryptoPunks is a crypto influencers, with over 246,000 followers on Instagram , CryptoPunks is a non-fungible token (NFT) assortment on the Ethereum blockchain.

9. CryptoPunks

Coingrams has currently 262,000 followers on this Instagram account, Coingrams grabs the eye of crypto lovers with a fair equilibrium of crypto market features and images

8. Coingrams

Armando Juan Pantoja has 405,000 followers on Instagram, FinTech business visionary Armando Juan Pantoja, better realized by his client handle tallguytycoon.

7. Armando Juan Pantoja

sharecrypto has 421,000 followers in instagram. ,ShareCrypto is one of the longest-running records for cryptographic money and other related news beginning around 2016.

6. ShareCrypto

Irene Zhao has currently 441,000 followers in instagram , Zhao is one of the most persuasive Internet big names in Singapore.

5. Irene Zhao

BitBoy Crypto has currently 474,000 followers in istagram.Ben Armstrong, prominently known as BitBoy Crypto, is a crypto influencer with a huge following on Instagram

4. BitBoy Crypto

CryptoExplorer has 558,000 followers in instagram today. CryptoExplorer is one more Instagram account show to a anonymous group of crypto fans

3. CryptoExplorer

Cryptonary has currently 560,000 followers in instagram..Cryptonary is a group committed to keeping you refreshed on crypto, the metaverse, and the NFT commercial center.

2. Cryptonary

for number 1 crypto influencer on instagram 

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