Flood insurance guide: Learn what it covers and how it differs from homeowners insurance.

Rising flood risks: Flash floods across the U.S. increase 52% due to climate change.

Public and private options: FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) vs. private market choices.

Coverage details: NFIP covers building and contents, protecting appliances, personal items, and more.

Exclusions: Items like cash, cars, and business losses aren't covered by flood insurance.

Basement coverage: NFIP protects basement items linked to power sources during floods.

Rain damage: Rain causing flooding is covered; rain-driven water damage might not be.

Storm surge: NFIP policies include damage from storm surges during hurricanes.

Burst pipes: Homeowners insurance usually covers burst pipes; NFIP may cover plumbing systems.

Deciding on coverage: Flood insurance isn't mandatory but may be required for properties in flood zones.