Donald Trump took to social media to plead for donations. Parts of Florida began focusing on rescue and recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian.

Speaking from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., he said in a video. He is fundraising for his Save America PAC in southern Florida..

There is a major fundraising deadline coming up and there has never been a time like this Mr Trump said that America had "never been so disrespected" by the world.

“We have to change this country, to bring it back together., America is better than ever.The dealine must be met by anybody who can help.

Residents of southern Florida were experiencing unbelievable damage and unconfirmed death tolls when Ian came ashore on Wednesday as a near-Category 5 hurricane, with wind speeds of 155mph.

On social media, Trump's appeal from Mar-a-Lago was widely condemned. It did not sustain any damage from Hurricane Ian.

“Your state is ravaged by a hurricane. You're not supposed to be beg for money. What a jerk who is self-centered, tone-deaf and classless.,” tweeted one Twitter user.

“The livestreamers made more money for hurricane victims than the guy ever made. Half his state is under water and he's begging for you to cover his legal fees."