Microsoft Bing AI is a powerful ChatGPT alternative based on GPT-4, offering various conversational modes and internet connectivity.

Microsoft Bing AI

Perplexity AI provides good responses, cites sources, and holds coherent conversations, making it a reliable choice for users.

Perplexity AI

Google Bard AI, an experimental conversational AI, uses Google's PaLM 2 LLM and is now accessible to a wider audience.

Google Bard AI

Jasper Chat, suitable for businesses, leverages GPT 3.5 and offers conversations based on data up to mid-2021.

Jasper Chat

Chatsonic is an expansive ChatGPT alternative with internet access, memory of past conversations, and various personas.


Claude 2, from Anthropic, is a free AI chatbot for select countries, capable of writing code and engaging in general conversations.

Claude 2

Llama 2, an open-source model, has strong reasoning and coding abilities but lags behind GPT-4 in HumanEval benchmark.

Llama 2

HuggingChat, based on Meta AI (LLaMA), is a versatile ChatGPT alternative offering coding assistance and web access.


Pi, your personal AI, offers a unique conversational style and engaging voices, ideal for mental health conversations.

personal AI (AI)

GitHub Copilot X is designed for programmers, offering real-time code suggestions and analysis based on GPT-4.

GitHub Copilot X

OpenAI Playground allows customization of language models and is a suitable option for experimenting with AI capabilities.


Quora Poe is a platform for interacting with various AI bots, providing access to different AI models in one place.

Quora Poe